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Crystal silicon cutting mortar repair agent

Date:2016-9-30 12:48:29 Hits:2067

  Ye Zongjing silicon cutting mortar repair agent for mortar and diamond wire cutting fluid used to repair the activity of crystalline silicon cutting mortar to provide mortar cutting capacity and reduce the use of mortar.
The repair agent can effectively solve the crystallization of silicon crystal block in the slice, the trend of sticky mortar sliced mortar caused by poor mobility, resulting in slices up films, stickies, dirty films, easy to clean, poor fluidity in the crystalline silicon Slicing industry in the problems.
Ye Zongjing silicon cutting mortar repair agent is currently used in NTC442, NTCPV600, NTCPV800, NTCPV1000, MB271, HCTB5 and other models, the machine mortar system, online recycling system, waste mortar recycling without any side effects!
This repairing agent can not be added to the cutting fluid.