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Diamond wire coolant now reclaims

Diamond wire coolant

Date:2016-9-30 12:52:13 Hits:1404

1.Excellent lubricity
2. Low surface tension to improve the hanging line and permeability
3. Non-corrosive
4. No foaming, no additional defoamer
5. Can keep the diamond wire and machine clean
6. Can be recycled through the recycling system
7. In the recycling, and similar products, can increase the recovery rate
This product does not contain PTBB, nitrite, phenol derivatives and formaldehyde, the use of the process will not damage the skin, the environmental pollution, the machine tool equipment is not rust. </ Span>

projectTechnical indicatorsTesting method
ExteriorwhiteVisual inspection
PH value6.5±1GB6144-85
Defoaming property(ml)≤2GB6144-85
Surface Tension(dyn/cm)≤30GB6144-85
Storage stabilityqualifiedGB6144-85
CorrosiveA grade cast ironGB6144-85
Anti-rustA grade cast ironGB6144-85