About YeZon:
  Shanghai YeZon Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology innovation enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacture and sales of semiconductor crystalline silicon cutting fluid and cutting waste recycling. It specializes in the supply of cutting fluid for crystalline silicon slices, providing waste mortar recycling System equipment design and services. The company has innovative R & D capabilities, products are widely used in solar photovoltaic, LED sapphire, semiconductor, precision optical instruments and other industries, and various enterprises to establish a good business relationship.
Shanghai Ye Zon Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. and Taiwan, Japan and Shanghai Institute of professional institutions close technical cooperation to technological innovation as the guide, in order to fine production-based, and constantly blaze new trails, and strive to become the best domestic products, services most Comprehensive provider of service providers.
Business Scope:
﹡Diamond wire coolant 
﹡On - line Recovery System for Cooling Fluid of Diamond Wire
﹡Environmental protection crystal silicon mortar cutting fluid 
﹡Crystal silicon cutting mortar repair agent
﹡Crystalline silicon cutting mortar with sand repair agent
﹡Waste mortar on - line recovery system 
﹡Around to improve the chip yield, reduce the cost of technical advice and services
Business model:
To adopt a variety of flexible modes of operation and cooperation, fully cooperate with customer needs, optimize the technical program, effectively reduce costs and improve the wafer yield.
﹡ Sale of finished mortar:
Users do not need equipment investment, do not buy silicon carbide, cutting fluid, you can save investment and reduce the cost of cutting.
﹡ Mortar on-line recycling recycling OEM:
Users do not need equipment investment, only the purchase of silicon carbide, cutting fluid, to pay a small amount of foundry costs, can reduce the amount of new mortar 40% -80%.
﹡ Sale of mortar online recycling equipment:

An investment, long-term benefit, 2-3 years to recover the investment, reduce the amount of new mortar 40% -80%.